HOW TO record what is happening on your desktop

Recording what’s happening on your desktop is pretty simple. First you need to install the software:

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

You can start the program by pressing Alt+F2 and typing:


To decrease the size of the file reduce the quality of video and/or audio in top right corner of the application window. Here you can also completely disable sound.

To select where to save the video click on Save As in lower right corner.

You can get some more options if you click Advanced

. Here you can change the temporary folder, change number of frames per seconds so your video plays nicer, save audio in stereo mode and many more options. You can check what each of it do by simply moving mouse cursor over it.
Now, after you have set up the options lets go to recordings. To record whole desktop simply click record. If you want to record just a single window click on Select Window, select the window you wish to record, and after that click record.
The window will perish and you can proceed with doing whatever you wanted to record. When you start recording you will note that red circle in notification area will change to gray rectangle. If you left click on it you will stop the recording, and if you right click on it you will pause the recording.
Keep in mind that 60 seconds in 1280×1024 resolution with audio and video at maximum quality will take about 8MB.

I had some problems when switching from one virtual desktop to another one. For some reason every time I tried to record the switch application failed to render clip and rendered it only to a few seconds before the switch occurred. Keep that in mind and if you know the solution please leave a comment for future generations 🙂

Fuente: Ubuntu How To’s



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